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Child Abuse Lawyers of New York


Were you sexually abused - as a child?
Were you sexually abused - as an adult?

Latest Sexual Abuse Verdict

We recently settled a case for $4.9 million for sexual abuse of 3rd grade student by her teacher over at least 3/4 of the school year against the City of New York Department of Education.

"Child Sexual Abuse" means sexual abuse that occurred at any time BEFORE you turned eighteen -

"Adult Sexual Abuse" means sexual abuse that took place at any time ON OR AFTER your eighteenth birthday -

Though the Child Victims Act has expired, if you are a Child Sexual Abuse survivor, you can still bring a lawsuit against abusers, and seek compensation for the harm they did.

And thanks to a new law in New York State, if you survived Adult Sexual Abuse, it doesn't matter how many years ago the abuse happened - or how old you are today.

The Adult Survivors Act started November 24th. It gives you ONE YEAR to file your case.

If you are a survivor of Adult Sexual Abuse DO NOT DELAY!

CALL New York sexual abuse lawyers Harnick and Harnick TODAY!

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Bringing a childhood or adult sexual abuse lawsuit is not easy. It's much more complex than a case involving an automobile accident, or an injury from a slip and fall. Understanding and presenting a sexual abuse case requires determination and insight, combined with the most sophisticated approaches.

Childhood sexual abuse can occur in many different situations and environments. Cases of abuse may occur at day care facilities, at camps, or at public or private schools … or at organized after-school activities such as sports activities or Scouts. Teachers, coaches and daycare workers may be negligent - or culpable themselves.

When it comes to determining fault, it's often a child's word against an adult's - if the child can bring themselves to speak.

Adult sexual abuse can happen in college, school or the workplace. Teachers, supervisors and managers who are supposed to protect students and employees may be negligent - or culpable themselves.

When it comes to determining fault, it's often a survivor's word against theirs.

Memories can be vague and details less than clear. All too often there are few if any witnesses and conflicting claims to be explored. Unique experts and investigative techniques may be required.

it takes an experienced team to investigate an adult sexual abuse case, examine the evidence, bring an action to court and achieve a satisfactory conclusion.

Getting there requires determination, insight into the law and experience with the courts and judges where cases are heard and decisions handed down.

The sexual abuse lawyers at Harnick and Harnick have the skill and experience to apply to each and every case. They are leaders in bringing cases involving sexual abuse law, including the Adult Survivors Act and know how to start your case and obtain the best possible results.

If you're a victim of Child Sexual Abuse or Adult Sexual Abuse, let Harnick and Harnick help get you the compensation you deserve.

Let HARNICK and HARNICK start working for you TODAY.

Consultation is free of charge.

All cases are handled on a contingency basis. Harnick and Harnick only receives a fee or reimbursement for case expenses if successful in obtaining compensation for you.

Contact HARNICK and HARNICK to discuss your sexual abuse case with an experienced attorney.

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