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Since I opened this web site, I have gotten a significant amount of calls in regards to bullying. Many of the people calling are looking for guidance as to what to do to get a school to act to attempt to stop bullying, rather than in regards to an actionable claim. Many times these parents are at wits end as they have asked school administrators to step in my forcefully than they are willing to and the administrators have refused. My advice, in cases where the parents perceive that the school is refusing to act to stop bullying, has been for the parents to send certified letters to the school, school board and in the case of cases in the New York City School System to the Department of Education. In this letter I advise them to be as particular as possible about the incidents of bullying that they are talking about. This way these entities are put on notice of the dangerous propensities of particular students, thus exposing the school systems to liability if anything should happen not only to the bullied but potentially any student under their supervision. However I am sure there are other approaches out there that would be helpful in getting a school to act or in the alternative to solve the problem. Below there is a comment section and I would be interested to hear about experiences that those who come to this web site have had when attempting to get school systems to deal with bullying issues. I would also like to hear from educators for their perspectives.

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